We provide assistance to persons caring for a loved one via information, education, support, training and respite services. Contact our Caregiver Support Specialist, Virginia Vazquez, to find out more: 231-733-3531, or email [email protected]

Virginia Vazquez talks about caregiving on the Senior Connections TV show.


Caregivers often have questions: Am I doing this right? How can I be more prepared for the future? How do I find solutions for my issues? Trualta is another resource to help with those questions, and more.

Trualta is an interactive learning platform to help caregivers with engaging and personalized training to help manage care for an older adult. There are a variety of short, quick lessons created by experts in aging; it’s easy to use; accessible 24/7; and does not require an app – it can be viewed on any browser, computer, laptop, phone, or tablet. The site is private, and caregivers can choose the topics they’d like to learn more about. 

Trualta offers a variety of topics; caregivers can choose any or all of the topics, and can change their preferences at any time. Topics include: Brain Health, Diabetes Care, Personal Care, Caregiver Wellness, Safety and Injury Prevention, Activities and Recreation, Dementia , Stroke Recovery, Grandparents Supporting Grandchildren, Music Therapy, and Local Resources.

Each subject area offers a variety of courses with videos and written information. A study by the University of Florida showed that 92% of participants had used a Trualta skill during a 30-day period, and 27% used Trualta skills on a daily basis.

To find out more about this new resource for caregivers, visit   to sign up, or contact Virginia Vazquez at [email protected] or Lisa Tyler at [email protected]



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