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Muskegon County Senior Millage

Senior Millage funding awarded to Muskegon County organizations

 The Muskegon County Board of Commissioners has awarded more than $1.2 million to organizations providing services for older adults as part of the Muskegon County senior millage.

Muskegon County voters passed a 0.50 senior millage in August of 2016. A Senior Activities Committee (SAC), made up of three county commissioners, two Muskegon County citizens over age 60, a county resident with grant writing experience, and three at-large county citizens (including one from a rural area), was appointed by the board of commissioners in early 2017.

County commissioners named Senior Resources of West Michigan, the area agency on aging serving Muskegon county, administrator of the funds in July of 2017. As the administrator of the funds, Senior Resources’ staff will work with all organizations receiving funding on accountability, ensuring the money is being spent as proposed, verifying units of service, and evaluating the services offered.

The Senior Activities Committee worked with Senior Resources to seek proposals for funding for services and activities for adults 60 years of age and older.

SAC Chair Nancy McCarthy said the committee members were pleased to begin awarding money to numerous nonprofit organizations, with new and expanded programming expected to come after a gaps analysis is completed.

Janet Perreault, vice-chair of SAC, said she was looking forward to seeing the services get out into the community. “For me, it was about making sure there aren’t wait lists for meals, and for keeping people in their homes and independent.”

Commissioners Susie Hughes and Ken Mahoney noted that many of the programs and services will reach into the outlying areas of the county. Many of the programs are designed for areas such as Whitehall and Montague, Ravenna and surrounding townships. “When the senior millage was passed, we said we’d move it out into the community,” Mahoney said. “We’ve done a good job of reaching out” in the first phases of funding.

The following programs and services were awarded funding:

  • Access Health
    • Volunteer for Dental, $7,500, 15 full or partial dentures
    • Volunteer for Dental, $52,195, 65 units of full-service dental exams, x-rays and treatment
  • AgeWell Services
    • Health Promotion, $19,600, 96 enhanced fitness classes
    • Senior Activities, $74,240, 160 dimensions of wellness classes
    • Congregate Meals, $100,068, 12,400 units of meals
    • Elder Abuse Prevention Services, $21,680, 542 units of prevention services
    • Home Delivered Meals, $141,270, 17,000 units of meals
  • Alzheimer’s Association
    • Education, $66,675, 134 units of education, support, engagement and referral
  • American Red Cross
    • Medical Transportation Services, $23,750, 4,750 units of rides
  • The Arc
    • Legacy Planning, $32,250, 156 units of one-to-one meetings, seminars and legacy planning
    • Emergency Needs, $5,000, for emergency needs of seniors caring for an adult child
  • Christians for Health (HealthCARE)
    • Education Classes, $3,000, for two Matter of Balance/PATH programs
  • Community enCompass
    • Home Repair, $51,000, 10 home repair consultations, and 10 major home repairs
    • Nutrition Education, $5,000, 50 prescription for health education sessions
  • Diana’s School of Innovation
    • Yoga, $4,500, for yoga class participation up to 520 1-hour classes
  • Disability Network
    • Transportation Voucher, $15,000, 18,600 miles of transportation
  • Habitat for Humanity
    • Major Home Repairs, $270,000, 100 major home repairs
  • Legal Aid of West Michigan
    • Legal Services, $12,500, 350 units of legal assistance
  • Love, INC
    • Ramp Program, $75,000, 20 handicap accessible ramps (purchase and installation)
  • Muskegon Health Project
    • Community Health Worker, $43,320, one CHW providing 540 units of pathway services
  • Muskegon YMCA
    • LiveStrong, $30,000, 48 sessions of LiveStrong classes with 12 participants/class
    • Enhanced Fitness, $4,000, 2 sessions of enhanced fitness classes
  • Orchard View Schools
    • Senior Center Activities, $5,000, for support for activities
  • Pioneer Resources
    • Eastern Muskegon County program, $98,314, 43 weekly units of recreational programs
    • Senior Camp, $4,900, for 3 separate Senior Camp Day events
    • Healthy Menu, $3,500, for planning and publishing a Healthy Menu for Seniors planning guide
  • Professional Med Team, Inc.
    • Senior Safety Assessments, $15,868, 312 units of home safety assessments with follow-up referrals
  • Ravenna Township
    • Senior Social Events, $5,000, for support, coordination and supplies
  • White Lake Community Education
    • Enhanced Fitness, $16,500, 5 Matter of Balance classes
  • White Lake Senior Center
    • Senior Center Activities, $3,500, for support

For more information on any of these programs, please contact the agencies listed.

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