Are you ageist?

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Chances are, yes, you are ageist. Most of us are in some way. Often it’s because we don’t really think of our jokes, comments, or even inner voice as being ageist – because it’s acceptable, it’s been viewed as humorous for years, and because we often don’t want to think about aging.

To learn more about an author and psychotherapist’s realization that she herself was ageist, read this LA Times article. She reframed her thinking, and so can you.

From the article by Deborah Netburn: “If you’ve ever yanked a gray hair, made a joke about our aging political leadership or shaved a few years off your age in conversation, then you probably have an inner ageist too. Most of us do. This is the deep part of ourselves that has us convinced that becoming old makes us useless, worthless, ugly and irrelevant.”

And as the author says, fighting aging is a lost cause. Instead, consider thinking of aging in a positive light – many do not that get opportunity.

We strongly encourage you to read the article, and if you’re interested in learning even more about ageism, look up Ashton Applewhite (,, and – just a few websites talking about this important subject.

Senior Resources continues to focus on ageism and the negative impacts it has on all of us. Join us!

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