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“There is nothing permanent except change.” – Greek philosopher Heraclitus
We’re writing to let you know about changes coming to Senior Perspectives. After decades of being involved with this outstanding publication, we are transitioning Senior Perspectives to a new publisher. Starting with the September-October issue, Shoreline Media will be publishing, editing, designing, and distributing the newspaper.
Shoreline Media has indicated they expect to keep things as they are, while considering changes down the road. They have invited the writers to stay on; advertisers will continue under their existing contracts; recipes, games and I Spy will continue; and the paper will have an even larger distribution area, expanding into Mason and Manistee counties! We will continue to send out Senior Perspectives to the subscribers who have pre-paid. Read more about Shoreline Media, below.
We want to take this opportunity to recognize some of the key players in Senior Perspectives: our volunteer writers and photographer; our designer, Todd Johnson; former designer, Jay Newmarch; Stafford Printing; volunteer copy editor Bonnie Borgeson and her amazing eye for detail; and our distribution team – Mary and Denny Austin and Jimmy Epplett. Each of them have been critical to the paper’s success.
We owe a huge thank you to Michelle Fields, who was editor and publisher for the last decade-plus. Michelle put her heart and soul into making Senior Perspectives what it is – a national award-winning newspaper that is beloved by thousands in Muskegon, Oceana, and Ottawa counties. Michelle’s dedication was always inspiring; her loyalty to and affection for her team of volunteers was inspiring. We are grateful for all she did over the years.
And lastly, to our advertisers and readers. There wouldn’t be a paper without advertisers, and certainly without readers. The advertisers allow this to continue to be a free paper, and the readers (more than 20,000) share with us often how much they relish Senior Perspectives.
While the paper will not be ours, we will still have a presence. We know this is an incredibly valuable tool to reach older adults and caregivers with our messages. We have enjoyed bringing it to you for many years, and we hope you will remember Senior Resources if you or someone you know needs programs or services to help them age with dignity and independence.
Thank you for allowing us into your homes and businesses for so many years.
Senior Resources of West Michigan

Message from Shoreline Media
Shoreline Media is excited about the opportunity to take on the publication of Senior Perspectives. With its history of providing quality and relevant content to readers in the region, we are committed to staying the course and continuing to publish this respected and award-winning magazine as part of the Shoreline Media family.

We have built our reputation on providing news and information that makes an impact on the communities we serve. Senior Perspectives is just one more way we can carry on our work.

“The readers that Senior Perspective serves are important to us,” said Executive Editor Lois Tomaszewski. “As a caretaker for my mother, I appreciated the resources that I could find in publications like this and my mother, who lived to be 98, always enjoyed features similar to the ones that are found in the pages of Senior Perspectives. Whether it was the puzzles, the recipes or personal stories from her peers, she found joy in having something she could relate to at her fingertips.”

We are looking forward to hearing your stories, reading about the hobbies and activities so many of you engage in and helping to identify issues of concern affecting our community. We do that regularly in all of our publications and Senior Perspectives will get the same priority.

All of us at Shoreline Media are optimistic about the future of Senior Perspectives. We already have in place the mechanisms to get the news, insights, advertising, information and entertaining features out to the community. You will still be able to find the publication at the usual places, you can expect the next issue out at the usual time of the month and you will still see some of your favorite names sharing their insights and relaying important information on the pages.
“Senior Resources has done an amazing job running this publication and we’re honored that they chose us to take it over,” Shoreline Media Publisher Mike Hrycko said. “We have big shoes to fill but I’m confident that our staff will be able to step in and continue this time honored tradition.”

Mike Hrycko
Shoreline Media Publisher

Lois Tomaszewski
Executive Editor, Shoreline Media

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