Senior Resources is Celebrating 50 Years! – 1985 – 1994

senior resources celebrating 50 years

1985 Evergreen Commons opens its doors in Holland as one of the largest and most comprehensive senior centers in Michigan.

1989 Care Management service began under subcontract with Home Health Services.

1990 Rosanne Richards retires, Dee Scott becomes director. The Area Agency and Nutritional Services for Older Americans move from the Torrent House into a renovated facility in Muskegon Heights. Oceana County Council on Aging gets a grant to build a senior center. Name change to Area Agency on Aging.

1992 The agency develops a computerized information & assistance program for seniors and their families to obtain up-to-date information and counsel on decisions for care.

1993 The board of Senior Services asks Senior Resources to take over management of the agency to provide administrative and financial support. Senior Perspectives newspaper is completely revised using ad sales as the financial support for the publication.

1994 Community Care Choices, the Medicaid home and community-based waiver became available in Muskegon County and was subcontracted to Home Health Services.

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