Primary Care at Home

Primary Care at Home  provides medical care in the home, as well as other services, to older adults who need in-home primary care and is aimed at lowering hospitalizations. To qualify for the program, an older adult must be enrolled in Medicare, have at least one chronic health condition, be challenged to get to a medical office, have a qualifying insurance or private pay.


Reviving the House Call

Home Based Medical Care or the “house call” concept is not new. At one time in our country’s history, it was very common for physicians to make house calls, showing up with their iconic black bags. In the 1930s, 40 percent of health care was delivered in the home. Then, over time, patient care moved to physician offices, clinics, hospitals, and emergency departments.

A key enabler of today’s home-based medical care is technology. Electronic medical records allow access to patient charts virtually anywhere. Blood and lab tests can be done in the home in minutes and taken to a lab. Portable x-rays and ultrasound services are now available the same day in your home.

 Understanding the Benefits

In addition to enhancing the quality of care for patients and supporting caregivers, home-based medical care can significantly reduce medical emergencies, missed appointments, and the poor control of chronic conditions. Home-based medical care also helps alleviate stress and other challenges for everyone involved in a patient’s care.

Adding to these overall benefits, home-based medical care offers specific benefits to several specific groups. For home-limited patients, it provides improved quality of life and comfort. For clinicians, it provides a rewarding care experience. Many providers feel that home-based primary care brings compassion and meaning back to their medical practice. For family caregivers, it brings support and peace of mind. Caregivers often say that it is very reassuring to know that a caring home-based medical care provider is one phone call away, versus having to call 911.

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If you would like to receive care in your home for you or for someone you are caregiving for, please call us at   231-737-4041 to schedule an appointment.

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Thanks to the Michigan Health Endowment Fund for its support in starting this program.